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Ep #19: LA Heat Wave and Beer Chat with Wop's Hops Brewing Co.


On this week’s show the gents discuss the excruciating LA heat wave, a distinct population known as “Guevedoces” who get an unfortunate surprise at 12 years of age, the state of current cinema, returning crotch-ripped jeans to Khol’s and being treated like criminals at Costco. Also, Peter Minelga, Brewery Engineer at Wop’s Hops Brewing Company educates the scofflaws about beer, the many varieties, their histories, the process of brewing them, pooping yeast and why IPA’s really suck. 

Ep #18: Parrot Sex Change and Mayweather Vs. McGregor with Comedian Steven Crowder


This week the Scofflaws return with Jordan’s brother/comedian Steven Crowder, to discuss Jordan’s pet parrot laying eggs after 4 years of being a dude, Sam Neill as James Bond and a disturbing tweet from a listener that may be admissible murder evidence. Also, Steven being an accomplished Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner and MMA maven, discusses the upcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, the history of the UFC, Justin Bieber’s broken friendship with Mayweather and an impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger that Shawn Ashmore did NOT find amusing.

Ep #17: The Electric Car Grand Prix and Actor/Writer Isaiah Stratton!

This week the Gentleman discuss a new electric car race, a mysterious underground garage trapped in time and read some listener mail that may be from a stalker?  Also, actor, author, veteran and filmmaker Isaiah Stratton drops in to talk about joining the Marines, being Bradley Cooper’s double, the film “Popeye the Pizza Man” in which he acted in with Jordan, directing his film “Prelude,” and the insightful book “Suddenly Single” he wrote while recovering from a heartbreaking divorce.

Ep #16: Michael Jackson is Alive!!! With Executive Coach Jason Jaggard

This week the gents discuss Donovan's creepy Boy Scouts expedition, Jordan’s Stunt Double that looked nothing like him, expiring salvage rights to the Titanic and Donovan’s father’s homemade PG versions of risqué Hollywood films. Also, speaker, author and Executive Coach, Jason Jaggard, stops by to talk about extreme ownership, getting in the way of your own success and one compelling and surprisingly convincing Michael Jackson conspiracy.

Ep #15: Prime minister Zoolander and Sommelier Gerald Morgan Jr!

In the most Scofflaw-esque episode yet, the gentlemen discuss Fidget Spinner Societies, the varietals of dating websites, California weed and tobacco laws and play an impromptu game of “Who Said it? Trudeau or Zoolander” with the resident Canadian. Also, Gerald Morgan, former Notre Dame football star and everyman’s Sommelier, enlightens the guys with a hilarious non-pretentious guide to wine, food pairings and awkward tasting notes.

Ep #14: Pew Pew! Pow Pow! ‘Merica with John Lovell of Warrior Poet Society

In this special Independence Day episode the Gents discuss the problems with pop radio, Canada’s blatant 4th of July ripoff, getting so excited that your nose bleeds, picking wedding songs and test some illegal fireworks on air. Also, John Lovell, the Warrior Poet, stops by to chat about firearms, home defense, preparedness and what the movies get wrong about tactical situations.

Ep #13: Fake Bowling and #LiquidCats with Matt Paxton of “Hoarders”

This week the gentlemen discuss Canadian beer, millennial’s ineptitude with formal wear etiquette, fake Canadian bowling and read some quirky listener mail. Also, Matt Paxton of A&E’s hit show “Hoarders” drops in to chat about being a cleaning expert, finding 80 cats in a freezer, stumbling upon 1 million dollars in gold, uncovering a stolen $300K Monet painting in an attic, and his latest project “Legacy Navigator."

Ep #12: Gorillas in LA and Bobby Henline (aka The “Well Done” Comedian)

This week the gentlemen discuss the Gorilla on the loose in Los Angeles, Tarantulas with girlfriends and homophobic bears. Also, Bobby Henline, wounded warrior, burn survivor, stand-up comic and motivational speaker stops by to talk about his comedy, his military service, working with Lewis Black and Zach Galifianakis on ”Comedy Warriors” and his 50 state “Run Like You're On Fire” Tour for veteran charities.

Ep #11: Donut Holes and Getting Spiritual with Johan Khalilian covfefe

This week the Scofflaws discuss why Americans call this tasty pastry “donut holes” and ponder the meaning of the word “covfefe.” Then, Motivational Speaker and Actor Johan Khalilian stops by and gets spiritual as he talks about his upcoming book, why we’re all called to be artists, teaching inner-city kids Sex Ed, being a 36 year old virgin, and how to learn to disagree gracefully in this era of political unrest.

Ep #10: Ebay Moon Rocks and Brett McKay of The Art of Manliness!

This week the gentlemen discuss Canada’s construction strike, a moon rock court battle with NASA and Donovan’s secret addiction to “America’s Next Top Model.” Also, Brett McKay of The Art of Manliness stops by to chat about his new book, the strenuous life, why you should go to church (even if you’re an atheist) and takes questions from listeners.

Ep #9: The Last Surviving Blockbuster and Comedian John Lehr (aka The Geico Caveman)

This week Jordan hosts from The Lone Star State while Donovan burns down his apartment and John gets snowed in. They discuss the last Blockbuster on the planet, Canada sucking and an existential San Francisco bathroom user. Also, improv comedian John Lehr stops by to chat about his early work with Noah Baumbach, becoming the Geico Caveman, converting to Judaism and his hilarious improvised western on hulu, “Quick Draw.”

Ep #8: Free Lovin' Smurfs and Zach Anner (aka Wheelchair Badass)

This week comedian Zach Anner guest hosts with the Scofflaws as they discuss free lovin’ surfs, Richard Branson’s space escepades, Chipotle lawsuit settlements and pretentious coffee filter recycling. Also Zach discusses his new paperback edition of his book “If At Birth You Don’t Succeed,” his old comedy troupe with Jordan, his role on ABC’s “Speechless” and what it means to be a creator with Cerebral Palsy (the sexiest of the palsies.)

Ep #7: Dystopian Worlds & Freudian Slips with Therapist Eric Anderson!

In this episode the guys discuss Canada's recall on 154 proof gin, Forrest Gump haircuts, the evil YouTube Prank Parents and the Orwellian Hulu series "The Handmaid's Tale." Also, Licensed Therapist Eric Anderson stops by to talk about manly mental health, getting help with sex addiction, the portrayal of therapists in movies and answers the question on everyone's minds... is John a sociopath?

Ep #6: A Self-Loathing Canadian and Special Guest Jon David Cole (aka Tobacco Jesus)

This week the gentlemen discuss what it means to be a reluctant Canadian, the weird subculture of cooking with city air pollution as a food ingredient and why Donovan has never seen "Schindler's List." Also, JD Cole, tobacconist and co host of the popular podcast "Country Squire Radio" stops by to talk about the history and significance of the pipe smoking hobby and what the new FDA regulations mean for pipe enthusiasts.

Ep #5: The ComiCon of Shaving with Douglas Smythe and Matt Pisarcik


This week is a special “Big Shave West” edition, in which Jordan, John and Donovan discuss everything from a Mad Max/Fury hybrid with Mel Gibson and Brad Pitt, Roman Polanski being a jerk, and old time dads who dislike kids. Also, Douglas Smythe and Matt Pisarcik of “I’d Lather Be Shaving” stop by to discuss the age old ritual known as “wet shaving” that will put “Big Razor” out of business.

Ep #4: A "Special" Artist and JAWS Expert Matt Taylor!

This week the Scofflaws discuss meeting ladies at a "special" art exhibition, the creepiness of Bigfoot, old farts and their leaf blowers and taste test the Easter candy "Peeps" in their new segment "Does it hold up?" Also, author Matt Taylor stops by to chat about his book "Jaws: Memories from Martha's Vineyard" a book about the making of JAWS told in photographs by the locals, and talks about his new Metallica project surrounding their iconic 80's tour.

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Ep #3: Hobo Litterbugs and Masculine Style Blogger Tanner Guzy


This week the gentlemen discuss flying patio umbrellas, hobo litterbugs, the new trailer for "Lost City of Z" and how to use an old-timey razor. Also acclaimed style Blogger, Tanner Guzy stops by to discuss the importance of Masculine Style, why he's not a gentleman and if there is ever a time to justify cargo shorts.

Ep #2: The Death of DVD's and Oscar-Winning VFX Artist Rick Shick!

This week the Scofflaws discuss current movies, Canadian plane crashes, the death of laserdiscs and read some uncomfortable listener feedback. Also, Academy Award-winning VFX Artist, Rick Shick stops by to talk about his work on the original "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers," working on "Spider-Man 2," photoshopping Tom Hanks’ abs in “Cast Away,” Party Dinosaurs and losing an audition to Bobcat Goldthwait.

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Ep #1: Rebels and Renaissance Men


Launching on St-Patty’s day, this first episode is a brief introduction to the hosts Jordan Crowder, John Goodman and Donovan Fowler as they discuss plans for the new show, Catholic debauchery, Michael Moore's weird hat-wearing habits, cherry tobacco and the meaning of the word scofflaw.