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For the rebel and the renaissance man.

Ep #45: Long Live the Republic with Nick of “The Legacy Flag”


In this special Independence Day episode, The Scofflaws take a moment to reflect on what makes America great and take a “4th of July” quiz while downing beer brewed with freedom. They also get to chat with Nick Naccarato, the artisan woodworker behind “The Legacy Flag,” and talk about his unique carved charred flags, why the US flag is so cool, why it is so important to Americans and all the celebrities that are buying his work.

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Ep #44: Compliant Criminals and Fort In The Woods!


In this episode, Jordan and The Don discuss all the things on social media that make them feel old and interview Casey, a California Compliant Criminal giving insight to the minds of outlaws. Also, Isaac and Jacob from “Fort in the Woods” stop by to discuss the amazing things they’re building on their YouTube Channel as well as why kids should ditch the video games, embrace with wild side every once in a while do something dangerous.

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Ep #43: Catholic Clown Cars and Author/Columnist Joel Stein!


In this episode, the Gents celebrate fathers! They share memories of their own dads, discuss Yoga as detention and legendary punk rocker Marky Ramone publicly dissing Johnny Rotten on their instagram page. Also, the hilariously controversial columnist Joel Stein drops in to discuss his book “Made Made: In Which a Dad Learns to Be A Man for His Son” where he shares stories about joining bootcamp, firing a tank canon and fighting UFC legend Randy Couture in the octagon. We also discuss his upcoming book “In Defense of Elitism: Why I’m Better Than You and You Are Better Than Someone Who Didn’t Buy This Book.”

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Ep #42: Gifts and Gadgets for Dads (and Dudes)


In this episode, Jordan and the Don discuss why millennial don’t ring doorbells, the things in Los Angeles that they would one day hope to ban, and hear about one of our listener’s absurd prank phone calls. Also, with Father’s day only a week away, they curate a list of really cool gift items that any father or gentleman in your life would enjoy.

Read the in-depth Gift Guide with links, photos and descriptions here.

Ep #41: Scofflaw Autobiographies and MMA Fighter Chad Robichaux


This Memorial Day weekend, the Scofflaws are joined again by Lady Scofflaw. They take the “Memoire Challenge” and discuss some “wildly” noisy neighbors. Also, Chad Robichaux, former MMA fighter and Special Operations Marine drops in to talk about his career, his book and upcoming film, as well as the awesome work he’s doing with The Mighty Oaks Foundation for service members with PTSD.

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