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Ep #25: Doctor Musicians and Maj. Scott A. Huesing, author of "Echo In Ramadi"


In this Veteran’s Day Weekend episode, the gents discuss some plot holes in Ferris Bueller’s Day off, an Amazon Package filled with $100K worth of drugs, expensive hobbies and John’s doctor extorting him to buy his CD’s. Also Maj Scott Huesing stops in to chat about his upcoming book “Echo In Ramadi,” traveling in the Marines, unconventional warfare, leadership and discipline and what people can do to support veterans and their families.

Ep #24: Creepy Spacey and Joel Scrivner, author of “WINology”


In this installment, 2/3 of the Scofflaws have a cold and discuss their newly acquired “old man coughs,” dangerous Remembrance Day poppy pins, loosing sights on a spider right before bed time, Stranger Things 2, the unethical movie business and speculate whether Kevin Spacey is a closeted Republican. Also speaker, author and International Taekwondo Champion Joel Scrivner stops by to discuss is book “WINology,” how to think like a champion and apply those principals to your life and work, and recounts the time he went full ninja on someone in an Oklahoma Taco Bell.

Ep #12: Gorillas in LA and Bobby Henline (aka The “Well Done” Comedian)

This week the gentlemen discuss the Gorilla on the loose in Los Angeles, Tarantulas with girlfriends and homophobic bears. Also, Bobby Henline, wounded warrior, burn survivor, stand-up comic and motivational speaker stops by to talk about his comedy, his military service, working with Lewis Black and Zach Galifianakis on ”Comedy Warriors” and his 50 state “Run Like You're On Fire” Tour for veteran charities.

Ep #11: Donut Holes and Getting Spiritual with Johan Khalilian covfefe

This week the Scofflaws discuss why Americans call this tasty pastry “donut holes” and ponder the meaning of the word “covfefe.” Then, Motivational Speaker and Actor Johan Khalilian stops by and gets spiritual as he talks about his upcoming book, why we’re all called to be artists, teaching inner-city kids Sex Ed, being a 36 year old virgin, and how to learn to disagree gracefully in this era of political unrest.

Ep #10: Ebay Moon Rocks and Brett McKay of The Art of Manliness!

This week the gentlemen discuss Canada’s construction strike, a moon rock court battle with NASA and Donovan’s secret addiction to “America’s Next Top Model.” Also, Brett McKay of The Art of Manliness stops by to chat about his new book, the strenuous life, why you should go to church (even if you’re an atheist) and takes questions from listeners.