The Gentleman Scofflaw Podcast

For the rebel and the renaissance man.

About the Show

The Gentleman Scofflaw Podcast is a weekly comedy chat show for the rebel and the renaissance man. Hosted by comedian and filmmaker Jordan Crowder, along with John G. Goodman and Donovan Fowler, GSP is your favorite local tavern with a rotating door of unfiltered guests on the fringe of the entertainment industry; pondering everything from cinema, comedy, pipes, spirits, pop culture, theology and the meaning of life… oh, and it’s funny.

Jordan Crowder // Host

Jordan Crowder immigrated from third-world Canada before his twentieth birthday. Through a series of misfortunes he ended up in Austin, Texas in a daze and after convincing the University of Texas that he was the bastard lovechild of Federico Fellini, he was accepted into their film school from which he graduated with straight C’s and a public record. Crowder's first unacclaimed feature film, Bend & Break was successfully screened to an audience who when walking out during the credits, were forced to stay for a Q&A session lasting twice the length of his film. One day, Crowder was accidentally cast in The Wingmen web series when its' producer mistook him for Seth Rogen, the series went on to almost win several awards. Since relocating to Los Angeles he has become friends with many creatives who are both more talented and successful than him. He has them on the show. 

John G. Goodman // Cohost

Excerpt from the Montreal Bugle: John Goodman was on the road to a distinguished career as an occasional background artist when he found his calling as an overnight dog pound attendant.  After a short stint in municipal prison for mistaking a fire hydrant pressure test for a flood, in response to which he released all the dogs from said pound (note: see enclosed photo of what happens when dogs see a fire hydrant for the first time after being released from the stockade), he moved on to greener pastures. He now spends his days laying sod and casting pods.

Donovan Fowler // Cohost

Donovan Fowler refuses to display a biography in fear of the government tracking him down and enslaving him in a FEMA camp.