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Ep #12: Gorillas in LA and Bobby Henline (aka The “Well Done” Comedian)

This week the gentlemen discuss the Gorilla on the loose in Los Angeles, Tarantulas with girlfriends and homophobic bears. Also, Bobby Henline, wounded warrior, burn survivor, stand-up comic and motivational speaker stops by to talk about his comedy, his military service, working with Lewis Black and Zach Galifianakis on ”Comedy Warriors” and his 50 state “Run Like You're On Fire” Tour for veteran charities.

Ep #9: The Last Surviving Blockbuster and Comedian John Lehr (aka The Geico Caveman)

This week Jordan hosts from The Lone Star State while Donovan burns down his apartment and John gets snowed in. They discuss the last Blockbuster on the planet, Canada sucking and an existential San Francisco bathroom user. Also, improv comedian John Lehr stops by to chat about his early work with Noah Baumbach, becoming the Geico Caveman, converting to Judaism and his hilarious improvised western on hulu, “Quick Draw.”

Ep #8: Free Lovin' Smurfs and Zach Anner (aka Wheelchair Badass)

This week comedian Zach Anner guest hosts with the Scofflaws as they discuss free lovin’ surfs, Richard Branson’s space escepades, Chipotle lawsuit settlements and pretentious coffee filter recycling. Also Zach discusses his new paperback edition of his book “If At Birth You Don’t Succeed,” his old comedy troupe with Jordan, his role on ABC’s “Speechless” and what it means to be a creator with Cerebral Palsy (the sexiest of the palsies.)