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Ep #40: Live with Douglas Smythe at The Big Shave S'West!


In this episode The Gentleman record the show live at The Big Shave S’West with special Guest Host Douglas Smythe, the artisan soap maker behind Phoenix Shaving. They talk about ageing cheese using Hip-Hop, a naked performance artist as well as the bizarre history behind the John Frum cargo cult. Also, a very special smoky Restroom review.

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Ep #5: The ComiCon of Shaving with Douglas Smythe and Matt Pisarcik


This week is a special “Big Shave West” edition, in which Jordan, John and Donovan discuss everything from a Mad Max/Fury hybrid with Mel Gibson and Brad Pitt, Roman Polanski being a jerk, and old time dads who dislike kids. Also, Douglas Smythe and Matt Pisarcik of “I’d Lather Be Shaving” stop by to discuss the age old ritual known as “wet shaving” that will put “Big Razor” out of business.