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Father's Day Gift Guide: Gifts and Gadgets for Dads (and Dudes)

Father’s Day is coming up, so you’re probably looking for some gift ideas, either for yourself or your own father. Here are 15 gift ideas for the Dad (or Dude) in your life. Listen along to the podcast episode for this guide if you want more details and superfluous commentary. We’re including gifts at all different price points from $6 to $550 (at the time of this post.) Also, the Holiday Gift Guide we recently posted still has many other manly gift ideas, so we encourage you to take a look at those as well.

It’s summer, and chances are you’ll be traveling. Unless you’re having a “Staycation.” Though let’s face it, a staycation is just an excuse for binging on the latest Netflix true crime series and drinking a lot of Simpler Times Lager (we have gift ideas for that below, too.) Every man needs a great duffel bag or weekender bag to travel with, or stay the night. They also need a Dopp kit to store all their Phoenix Shaving essentials and travel-size Gold Bond (again it’s summer, and batwing is a real thing). Why not get a matching set that looks great, but is also functional? Plus they have an amazing name, “Nutsac!” We don’t know how they got away with this, but we’re glad they did. All of Nutsac’s bags are made of high quality waxed canvas and leather, right here in the USA. They also come with a Lifetime Guarantee, which as you know we’re big fans of. So, do your man or yourself a favor and get a matching set of NutSacs. - $95-295

We’ve talked a lot about Phoenix Shaving on our podcast, because we really love and use their products. Even better, Douglas Smythe formulates the products and makes them himself here in the good old US of A. He’s also a great guy who we love to hang out with and support. If you haven’t yet taken the wet shaving plunge, why not start with the best? Get a gift set, with all the essentials you need to get the best shave of your life. Also, check out our live Big Shave S’West episode with Douglas Smythe, the gentleman who makes all these products. - $40

We know that traditional safety razors and straight razors aren’t for everyone. For some, they’re scary, for others they just prefer the type of shave they get from a cartridge razor. The Leaf Razor falls somewhere in the middle, and we would argue that it gives a better shave than what you get with the mass-produced cartridge razors. The Leaf is sweet because it is all metal construction and over-engineered. Plus, the blade replacements are much cheaper and less wasteful than the cheap plastic cartridges you get from the drugstore, because you use your favorite double edge safety razor blades instead of cartridges. You just snap them in half, load 1-3 blades in the Leaf, and you’re ready to go. And let’s face it, those brightly colored plastic and rubber safety razors look more like something you got at Toys R Us (RIP) than a man’s shaving tool. You’re a dad now, dress it up a little. The Leaf Razor comes in chrome, mercury, black and rose gold, so it’s classy AF. They also offer a Lifetime Warranty so you’re set. Once you buy the razor, it’s almost like free shaving for life since DE blades are so cheap. - $79

While we’re still on the subject of grooming, the cold hard truth is that some guys are hairy as hell. And although I think your wookie-like back hair should be embraced and not shamed, societal norms say it’s a no-go. Have you ever tried to shave your back on your own? It’s impossible! Men usually end up asking their significant other to give them a hand, and let’s face it gentlemen, once you do this, there’s no going back. My wife hasn’t looked at me the same way since, but there’s still hope for you! Enter, The Bro Shaver 2.2! It’s basically a genius design, it’s one oversized long-handled 3 piece razor that lets you reach all the areas of your back. Unlike it’s overpriced competitors, this razor’s replacement blades are cheap. You know why? It also uses your favorite double edge razor blades! It’s summer, so you’ll be going to the beach or pool. Invest in one of these so the women and children at your backyard BBQ’s won’t have to shield their eyes in fear. - $29

We use these double-walled stainless koozies a lot on our podcast to keep our Simpler Times nice and fresh for hours. There are a lot of companies that sell them stamped with different logos for quadruple the price, and they don’t even come with a steel lid like the Ozark ones. You can pick them up at Walmart in a variety of colors for only a few bucks each. Great for the backyard, at your desk, camping, or hiding your adult beverage at the public pool. Pick up a couple of these, you can’t go wrong. - $6

Photo by by  Adam C. Bartlett

Photo by by Adam C. Bartlett

We’ve talked a lot about GORUCK and Rucking on our show. Whether you need a bag for training, hiking, travel, business or every day carry, the GR1 has got you covered. It was designed by special forces veterans to look at home on the battlefields of Afghanistan, or on the streets of New York City. It’s minimalist, sexy, customizable with the MOLLE web system, and literally built like a tank. Be sure to check out our episode with Jason McCarthy, the founder of GORUCK to learn the kickass history of their company. - $395

Of course if you do any rucking, you know that your gear eventually starts smelling like “a hobo” (direct quote from my wife). You’ll need to hose your bag and gear off with something powerful, this is where the Little Big Shot Hose Nozzle comes in. This little nozzle, also made here in the USA by disabled veterans, gives you 40% more pressure than your typical pistol hose nozzle, and uses 40% less water. I’ve used this a number of times for cleaning my gear, and I’d say it’s about half as powerful as a pressure washer, and that’s very powerful for a standard garden hose. Of course, you can also use it for washing your ‘84 Datsun, lawn furniture, or for getting the neighborhood dogs off your lawn. - $9

What dad in the summer would be complete without a great Hawaiian shirt? It used to be that the only people who wore Hawaiian shirts were party animals and Smashmouth fans. But with these ultra sleek and timeless designs by Avanti, you can be the ultimate leisurely badass. Think more Tom Selleck and Hunter S. Thompson than Harry Knowles. Pair the shirt with your favorite cigar to signal to those around you: “I’m on vacation, don’t bother me.” - $105

A corncob pipe is a classic. It’s also synonymous with summer, because it smokes cool and is great for the outdoors. This Dagner design is called a “poker,” because it was created to sit up by itself on the poker table as you play your Texas Hold’Em hands. So you can set it down while you’re grifting at the poker table, typing the manuscript for your latest mystery novel, or building a deck for your upcoming summer BBQ’s. It’s perfect for a veteran pipe smoker or someone just getting started. If you want to learn a little about the history of the corncob pipe, check out our episode with Scott of Aristocob. - $23

Every man needs a good pair of boots. They’re versatile, you can dress them up, dress them down, look great with cuffed jeans or a suit. The design of these Vanguard boots by Thursday Boot Co are based on the classic American service boot of the 1940s. They’re handcrafted by expert artisans using Goodyear welt construction. With proper care, these boots can be worn for a lifetime. You can also replace the soles when they wear out. Then one day when you inevitably croak, you can leave them to your favorite child in your will. Just make sure they wear the same size. - $200

Every Scofflaw needs the right bar tools at home to make the perfect cocktail. With summer here, you’ll need to whip up some quick Moscow Mules, Mint Juleps, or Gin Rickeys. Eyeballing shot measurements is for chumps. These Japanese jiggers let you measure a full 2 oz on one side, and 1 oz on the other. Plus, they have engraved measurements on the inside for 1/2 and 1/4 pours. It’ll also look fancy AF sitting on your bar table, or sophisticatedly rugged on your camp picnic table. - $8

How many times have you taken a 12 pack to a tailgate or BBQ, only to find out your beer is piss-warm after 30 minutes? You could bring a cooler, go buy bags of ice, and have another project on your hands…or, you can get a Kanga Kase Mate. These case mates are like koozies designed to fit your whole 12 pack (or 24 pack) and keep them cold, in the box for up to 7 hours without fiddling with a cooler or ice. We love the Maverick design, ‘cause ‘Merica, but if that doesn't tickle your fancy they have other designs to choose from. We’ve tested it out and it works great! - $30

Chances are you’re going to need to open a few bottles this summer. These mean-looking bottle openers from Bottle Breacher are made from 50 Caliber Bullets. They’ll look great on your bar top or in your range bag, and make fantastic conversation starters. You can even get one custom engraved with your name on their website, and are available in a variety of finishes. They’re made here in the USA by a former Navy Seal, and their company also does some good work with veterans. - $30

Some scofflaws have home offices or dens, they also wish they could light up a pipe or cigar in their man space. But as you know, the stale smell of pipe or cigar smoke doesn’t sit very well. The Rabbit Air Minus A2 Air Purifier was designed to remove and eliminate all odors, especially smoke. That’s why you’ve seen these guys in every high end cigar lounge in the country. Put this in your office and puff away, trusting that it won’t smell like an old saloon when you’re done with your smoke sessions. A great feature also is how silent the machine is, which is why we’ve used it while recording The Gentleman Scofflaw Podcast. It looks slick, too, so it won’t mess up the feng shui of your study. This is a high end piece, but well worth it, and will give you years of use while taking years off your life (because of all the relaxation). - $550

1) The Kentucky Double

If you smoke a pipe or cigar, and also imbibe the dark nectar of the gods, YOU NEED A KENTUCKY DOUBLE! It’s a combination coaster for your whiskey glass, cigar (or pipe) rest, and ashtray. Chris hand makes them in his Kentucky shop with the finest wood, leather and steel. Interestingly enough, the horse shoe is the same one that’s worn by the stallions in the world famous Kentucky Derby. This is a fantastic functional show piece for your office, den or just out on the back porch. If you’re a cigar or whiskey collector and love showing off your prized stash on The Gram, this is the perfect staging platform for some slick photos. We’ve talked a lot about elevating the experience of your cigar or whiskey, and having a masculine timeless piece like The Kentucky just makes everything better. They’re available in a variety of finishes and are the perfect gift for yourself or the man you care about. - $99

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